Changing a bank nowadays could not be easier.

If you are unhappy with your current bank, then it is time to join us. Check out our offer of classic and package accounts then visit the nearest N Banka branch and open a personal account. Bring along a valid ID (card or passport) and tax ID number certificate. We will take care of all other procedures on your behalf.

Classic banking account

Who is it intended for? The transaction banking account is intended for everyone wishing to manage finances in a simple and safe manner. In addition to traditional banking products and services, the account enables you to use online banking, MasterCard credit cards and deposit of excess funds. In addition to classic accounts, we also offer advantageous package accounts, which include the most typical banking services and benefits for partner companies.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Free-of-charge cash withdrawals at all NLB ATM’s in Slovenia;     
  • The possibility of regular or extra limit;
  • The possibility to use the Security SMS service;
  • The possibility of receiving balance information via SMS;
  • The use of N Banka's Online Bank;
  • The use of standard orders/preauthorized direct debits;
  • Monthly transaction statements.

Documents required

  • Valid means of identification (ID card or passport)
  • Original tax ID number certificate.

Pensioners’ banking account

The pensioners’ banking account is intended for all regular recipients of pensions. The use of this transaction account is transparent and easy. The account enables you to benefit from a higher interest rate where the money is not time deposited and is thus always readily available to you. You may use all of the services available to the users of classic N Banka's accounts.

Student banking account

This account type is intended for secondary school and higher education students aged 15 and up with a valid student status. In addition to conventional banking products and services, users also have access to the N Banka's Online Bank as well as to the deposit of excess funds.

Children’s banking account

The children’s account is intended for pre-school and basic school pupils up to 15 years of age. To make their wishes come true even faster, the Bank allows the young users of this personal banking account to benefit from a higher interest rate than those of conventional banking accounts.