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What is Rekono?

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Rekono is a family of solutions and services for electronic identification, electronic signatures and other trust services. Rekono is therefore a kind of electronic ID card that enables you to do business safely.

From 25 April 2022 onwards, you will need to connect or log in with Rekono to access N Banka's online or mobile banking. If you don't have a Rekono account yet, you can easily create one in the process of linking your online and mobile bank with your Rekono account (select "Create account" instead of "Login" on the Rekono account login page). From 25 April onwards, you no longer need to create a Rekono account at (and not in the Rekono OnePass application either), since a Rekono account can be created during the login process or in the process of linking N Banka's online or mobile banking with a Rekono account.

To create a Rekono account, you will need: your own email address, a mobile phone number to which you have access, and your name, surname, Slovenian tax number, date of birth and permanent address. If you do not have a Slovenian tax number, please contact your account manager at the bank to arrange access to digital banking for you.

The Rekono account is sort of a personal digital ID card, so keep access to your Rekono account secure, but above all remember the access password you have set. When setting the access password, it is advisable not to use automatic access password generation. So don't leave it up to the web browser to set your password automatically, but instead create your Rekono account's access password yourself, and then make sure to memorise it.

In the process of creating a Rekono account or at a later login stage when Rekono is already being used, you must also securely save the PUK code as it allows you to reset access to your Rekono account in case you forget the access password.

Once you will have successfully created and linked your Rekono account to log in to online or mobile banking services, we recommend that you sign in with your Rekono account using the Rekono OnePass mobile app (available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS). This will allow you to log in to your online or mobile bank more easily: instead of one-time generated passwords via SMS message, you will be able to use push messages received on the Rekono OnePass app. Registering the Rekono OnePass on your device brings an additional advantage: you will be able to reset the access password with the Rekono OnePass should you accidentally forget it.

For the users of N Banka's digital banking channels, the switch to Rekono comes with numerous benefits:

1. New, secure and modern ways to log in and authorise with a username and password, as well as with another factor, which can be a push message or a one-time password in the Rekono OnePass application, a U2F security key, an SMS token, a qualified digital certificate on the device, etc.,

2. Unified authentication (login / registration / authorisation) mode at all digital banking contact points (online and mobile banking, dedicated interface, Flik Pay, Moja N Banka),

3. Qualified digital signing of cloud documentation with Rekono and thus the possibility of concluding a wider range of transactions with the Bank remotely,

4. The possibility of qualified digital signing with Rekono also for personal purposes, the possibility of doing business with other business entities that already use Rekono (insurance companies, electricity providers, etc.).

Below, you can read about all the advantages of using Rekono and about the linking process.

Transition to Rekono for online and mobile banking

Prepare for the transition

At N Banka, Rekono e-identity is already being used in the process for the remote opening of transaction bank accounts (with video identification). By switching to Rekono for authentication in digital banking channels, we will also unify the login to all digital banking platforms. Rekono will thus enable you to easily log in to the online and mobile banks, the FlikPay instant payment application, the dedicated open banking interface and the Moja N Banka user portal.

We started the transition to Rekono on Monday, 25 April 2022. Upon switching to Rekono, please make sure/note the following:

1. Verify that all existing authentication features and accesses are under your sole control, i.e., access to the online and mobile bank and non-bank authentication elements, such as USB keys qualified digital certificates, and in particular access to your Rekono e-identity or Rekono account, if you already have one,

2. You will make the transition to Rekono solely through your existing online or mobile bank application – the bank will not send you any special activation links or data for the transition.

The process of linking the online or mobile bank to Rekono.

Linking Rekono to online banking

Linking Rekono to mobile banking

Create your Rekono account today on

The process of linking the Rekono account is very simple and is described under the links Linking Rekono to the online bank or Linking Rekono to the mobile bank. Once you will have successfully linked Rekono to the online and mobile bank, the level of trust in your Rekono e-identity will be increased to the highest level. With the highest Rekono e-identity level Rekono, you will then be able to log on to digital banking channels or do business with the bank remotely.

If you don't have a Rekono account yet or don't create it in advance, you'll still be able to create it during the linking process or when you first connect to your online or mobile bank, and the same applies as described above - you'll need your own email address and access to your mobile number, as well as first name, surname, tax number, birth date and permanent address.


1. Upon switching to Rekono, your Bank will not send you any messages with any links for the switch.

Before or during the switch to Rekono, the Bank will not send you any activation data or special links for the switch to Rekono, so we recommend that you pay close attention to the received SMS and emails. Recently, we (as well as other Slovenian banks) have noticed an increase in such malicious messages, which appear as if they were sent by the bank.

The move from the old online bank system to Rekono is always carried out through the website itself or the mobile banking platform, and exclusively on familiar domains or links. In the case of our online bank, this is a link starting with, and in the case of our mobile banking platform, you can always switch to Rekono using the official mobile bank app (Mobilna N Banka), which you have downloaded from the official Google Play, App Store or Huawei App Gallery. Upon connecting to our online or mobile bank, you will also be redirected to the web application on the Rekono provider's website, which is always at, which will be visible in the URL bar of the browser, regardless of whether you connect through our online or mobile bank. Upon logging into your Rekono account, the sender of the SMS message you will receive will also Rekono.

In case of any deviations from the above or if you have received a malicious or suspicious message, which looks like as if it originates N Banka, to your e-mail address or in the form of SMS to your mobile number, do not click on the links in the messages and please inform the Bank at or by calling the Bank's Contact Center.

Always check that you are at the trusted addresses and, and do not enter your login information at any other web addresses.

2. Ensure in a timely manner that prior to the switch (or prior to creating your Rekono e-identity) all your existing personal authentication items are exclusively under your control

Your access to online or mobile banking must be exclusively under your control, and your qualified digital certificates must be on secure media. If there is any suspicion (in any scenario, not only in relation to the switch to Rekono) that your authentication element has been found out or accessed by a third party, you or a legal representative of the business entity of which you are the authorised person must request the blocking of all your digital channels at the bank until you regain control of the authentication means or until you have been issued with new authentication elements.

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